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Middle College High Schools are secondary schools that are authorized to grant high school diplomas in their own name, located on college campuses across the nation. Middle College High Schools are small, with usually 100 or fewer students per grade, and they provide a rigorous academic curriculum within a supportive and nurturing environment to a student population that has been historically underserved and underrepresented in college. While at the Middle College High School, students have the opportunity to take some college courses at no cost to themselves.

Early College High Schools are schools that share all the characteristics of Middle Colleges High Schools—location on a college campus, strong academic program, supportive environment—and are designed to serve the same target populations also at no cost to the students. But Early College High Schools also have a defined and structured program that enables high school students to earn both their high school diploma and their associate degree in four to five years.

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In Dual Enrollment Programs, high school students are able to take college courses, usually at nearby postsecondary institutions.  Successful completion of college-level courses enables students to obtain credit toward both their high school diploma and toward a college degree. An Enhanced Dual Enrollment Program provides academic, social, and emotional support to students through deep collaborations between the high school and college.  In addition, professional development opportunities for all staff at both high schools and colleges involved in Enhanced Dual Enrollment Programs are embedded to provide students with the supports they need as they transition from high school to college.

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Yes.  MCNC has helped start and improve several Early/Middle College High Schools over the yearsContact us for more assistance.

No. MCNC has successfully pioneered innovation in programs that serve districts, community colleges, universities, and both public and charter high schools around the country for more than three decades.

There is an annual membership fee of $850 for each school. In addition, there are nominal fees for conferences and the cost of transportation and lodging.

Representatives from schools, school districts, and colleges who are interested in the work of Early and Middle College High Schools are invited to attend and participate in the MCNC Professional Development Institutes, held twice yearly, usually at the end of June/beginning of July and February. The Institutes provide opportunities to learn more about the work of our schools and network with the teachers, guidance counselors, principals, and college personnel doing this work.

Our coaches will help you to narrow down the services that are right for your school based on your short- and long-term goals and objectives. Review the various types of Professional Development we offer and Contact us for further assistance.