The Middle College National Consortium’s work is built upon four design principles. Schools dedicated to providing a college experience for high school students are more successful when they commit to institutional growth in providing academic and social/emotional support for students, strong partnerships with their college and community partners, and systemic data-driven organizational improvement. Below is a short description of each principle. Schools can guide and track their progress on achieving mastery of these principles by using the Rubric found in our Resources.

Culture of Continuous Organizational Improvement

For MCNC schools, data informs decisions regarding pedagogy and school structures and systems. Partnered institutions participate in joint improvement, planning, learning opportunities, and/or professional development.
Regularly scheduled collaborative professional development provides support for:
  • Learning and incorporating new strategies
  • Developing new technology tools
  • Developing a community of practice
  • Sharing the strengths of each institution
  • Deepening and extending the collaboration
  • Using data to inform decisions
  • Extending college hiring and review practices to high schools
  • Data-driven decision making to strengthen institutional partnerships, improved teaching and student success in high school and college courses.