Middle College National Consortium is an organization of more than 40 public schools on, or associated with, college campuses across the nation.  MCNC has three levels of membership.

So why should you become a member?

The Consortium’s mission is to increase the number of students nationally who have access to supported dual enrollment in Early Colleges, Middle Colleges and Dual Enrollment Programs.


  • Providing leadership and support for continuous improvement in member schools and programs
  • Providing technical assistance for new Early/Middle Colleges and Dual Enrollment Programs
  • Collecting and analyzing data for school and program improvement and to validate the positive outcomes for students
  • Providing cross-city and cross institutional learning opportunities about practices that result in increased college completion rates
  • Ensuring that student voice informs school and program design through the use of student surveys and the annual National Student Leadership Initiative

So that member schools and programs can develop and sustain a successful model of collaborative education that expands students’ future opportunities.


Become a member, apply for membership today.