The Middle College National Consortium believes that authentic school reform grows out of sustained collaboration among master practitioners, structured communication, and support for perpetual growth of leadership skills for all constituents. Centered on four Design Principles, MCNC schools bridge the high school and college experience for underserved youth leading to increased access to and success in college. A school-based, data driven practitioner network, Middle College National Consortium has successfully pioneered innovation in programs that serve districts, community colleges, universities, both public and charter; around the country for over three decades.

MCNC partners with NCREST  to analyze student performance and teacher efficacy, and creates and captures knowledge emerging from best practices.

On-site residencies and expert coaches work with school administrators and staff in the key areas:

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Currently, through a federal i3 Grant, (SECEP),  MCNC is in partnership with Jobs For the Future(JFF), NCREST, and Michigan Early Middle College Association(MEMCA) to promote the MCNC model in intermediate and high schools in Michigan to increase student performance in STEM programs..