East Early College High School, Houston

Facts and Highlights 2014-15*

Primary Features: Small school size, college course offerings andsupport, college and career readiness, seminar, advisory
  • Students: 9-12
  • Enrollment: 455
  • Gender: Female (65%)    Male (35%)
  • Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic (91%)    Black (3%)   White  (1%)  Asian (4%)  Other  (1%)
  • Free and Reduced Lunch: 85%
  • Average Daily Attendance: 99%
  • Limited English  Proficiency  34%
  • High School Graduation Rate: 99
  • 1st Generation College Going:   78 %

College Enrollment Data

  • 433 students enrolled in college classes in grades 9-12
  • Average number of credits at graduation 55
  • Average GPA 3.12
  • 93% graduates aspire to continue at a four year college or educational institution upon graduation

Students say the best part of their high school experience is:

  • The environment that I am surrounded in. I have developed many great skills here and I think this school really impacted my life.
  • The sheer amount of willingness to help from all parties toward each and every student in the school was astounding. Also the small school setting really did allow us to feel like a sort of family.
  • All the accomplishments in academics as well as the personal friendships created with other students and teachers.
  • Been able to graduate with my associate’s degree in since and be in the top ten percent.
* Data gathered and analyzed by NCREST (National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools and Teaching)2014.

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