Teacher evaluation as professional development opportunity?  Join the free Crowdsourcing Teacher Evaluation Jam on May 9, 2012 and find out what we are talking about.

“I think my biggest improvement is working with students’ individual needs in terms of personal problems and confidence, yet my biggest fear is still not getting through to the students who are on their second, third, fourth time around. I don’t want to fail them again – either as a teacher who makes mistakes that are avoidable or by typing the “F” into PowerGrade. With the changes I have made and continue to try to make, I trust that the success will follow.” Elizabeth Canada, Denver Southwest Early College High School


Can you say what your biggest improvement is as a result of your teacher evaluation process? Come and find out what evaluation method Elizabeth and others are using that marries teacher evaluation and professional development for improved practice.


Sign onto the “Crowdsourcing Teacher Evaluation” Jam on May 9, 2012 from 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. ET. Join other teachers on this online text-based discussion (jump on and off when you can) by registering HERE.