MATTIE ADAMS A Principal Who Lives by the Motto, “Through faith, all things are possible.”

Mattie Adams, Principal Harbor Teachers Preparation Academy

Mattie Adams, Principal Harbor Teachers Preparation Academy

The Los Angeles Unified School District announced their eighth Principal of the Day to be Mattie Adams-Robertson, the extraordinary leader of Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy (HTPA) on the campus of Los Angeles Harbor College.
Dr. Mattie Adams-Robertson opened Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy in 2002. She had served the Los Angeles Unified School District as a successful mathematics teacher, counselor and assistant principal at Banning and Narbonne High Schools. In taking the job as principal of an Early College High School in the genesis of the era of dual enrollment high schools for under served populations, she marked herself as a pioneer, champion for all students, and early proponent of a movement that has spread throughout California and the country.
Now, HTPA, in it’s 12th year has a national reputation for graduating 55% of their students with a dual high school diploma and Associate Arts degree and 95% of it’s graduating seniors completing at least one year of college when they leave high school. During her tenure, Principal Adams says she’s consistently set high expectations for all students and staff, who continue their strides toward academic success. HTPA’s 2011 Statewide Rank and Similar School Rank is a “10/10” and the HTPA Academic Performing Index score is 931.

Visitors to the campus, located in portable trailers on college grounds, are greeted regularly by the charming Principal, who cares for their every need and comfort, while managing the many tasks required by the district, college administration and most especially the 437 students and families she serves. She counts among the many who have come to see high school students blending with and often outshining their college counterparts Melinda Gates and delegations from as far away as Washington, D.C.; Singapore; and South Africa.

In her role as a principal who cares for staff as much as students, she has provided ongoing support and guidance to make the faculty exemplars of innovation and professional growth. An earlier embracer of the MCNC Peer Review process: CLASS, has fostered a supervisory model that is designed to provide peer support through reflection and evaluation. HTPA was the first school on the West Coast to implement this model with great success. Her staff has shared their protocols and experiences at national conferences, demonstrating how leadership can be a shared experience.

Ms. Adams has been a star on the MCNC stage for many years. She has mentored new schools, like the highly successful Academy of Health Sciences in Prince George County, MD and served on the Executive Board of the Consortium and is a founding member and leader of the California Coalition of Early and Middle Colleges. She lives by the principle that through faith, all things are possible, and her achievements attest to that belief.