Fulfilling Promises: Winter 2011


Fulfilling Promises
Vol. 17 | No. 1  | Winter 2011


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Consortium Matters

Cecilia Cunningham | DirectorIn June 2010, the New York City Department of Education in collaboration with the City University of New York (CUNY) issued a report to every NYC high school on the retention rate for the 2007 graduates who had enrolled in CUNY and were still there after 4 semesters.  Preliminary data suggest that MCNC Early Colleges and their College partners have institutionalized practices worth replicating by colleges seeking to retain and graduate an under-served population.

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Student Support and College Readiness
Lead to Harbor’s Success

…College Readiness is infused in every subject area.  The social studies department challenges students to become critical thinkers and effective communicators by requiring them to read and analyze complex texts…The math department uses research-based educational tools for course analysis and performance assessment…

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Become a College Ready School
18th Annual Summer Professional Development Institute 2011
July 7 – 10, 2011
Hyatt Regency Jersey City
New Jersey, NJ

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Electronic Professional Development at Charles School
Writing well is one of the most important skills to master for college success.

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Michigan Nurtures Early Middle Colleges
When Middle Colleges first began in Michigan in 1990, few would thought that 21 years later there would be 20 schools embodying those same principles.

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“I’ve Never Had To Do This Before”
So spoke a 12th grader when asked to apply his math knowledge to a real life example.  What’s going on here?

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Middle College National Consortium
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Diane Ravitch and David Conley Captivate Attendees at the Middle College National Consortium’s Annual Summer Institute

Over two hundred educators from thirty one schools across the country attendedMiddle College National Consortium’s annual Summer Institute where they heard renowned educators Diane Ravitch and David Conley eloquently espouse their philosophy on how to educate today’s youth. Read more

Water Sustainability: How We Live With Our Rivers Is the Focus of the Middle College National Consortium’s Annual Student Leadership Initiative

The Middle College National Consortium (MCNC) proudly announces that students from across the country are putting the final touches on their projects for the Middle College National Consortium’s annual Student Leadership Initiative. MCNC has become a national leader in school reform by implementing a school design that bridges the high school and college experience for underserved youth, leading to increased access to, and success in, college. A data driven, practitioner network of 34 small Middle College and Early College high schools nationwide, MCNC provides high school students with the opportunity to earn both their high school diploma and up to two years of transferable college credit upon graduating.

Long Island City, NY (Vocus) April 27, 2010

In anticipation of Early College Week and after months of preparation, the Middle College National Consortium (MCNC) proudly announces that students from across the country are putting the final touches on their projects for MCNC’s annual Student Leadership Initiative. To be held from April 28 to May 1, the Student Leadership Initiative will focus on Water Sustainability: How We Live With Our Rivers. Greenville,  South Carolina’s partner Middle College High Schools, Greenville Technical Charter High School, Greer Middle College High School and Brashier Middle College Charter High School, in association with Greenville Technical College, are proud to be this year’s hosts.

Provocative projects on the subject include:

  • Fundraising to support Water of Life, an organization providing clean drinking water to countries of Africa
  • A mini-documentary outlining the impact of bodies of water, such as rivers, wetlands and tributaries, on our every-day living, as well as, community, social and cultural life
  • With the expected population growth in Denver, Colorado looming, a research study dealing with local efforts to conserve water
  • Research comparing two bodies of water in Brooklyn, one on the Superfund Clean-up list and the other a lake in Prospect Park, to demonstrate how it is possible to maintain clean water in an urban environment
  • Working with the Buffalo-Niagara River Keepers to clean up the shoreline of Cazenovia Creek to ensure clean drinking water from Lake Erie

Dr. Cecilia Cunningham, Founder and Director of the MCNC, states that “the value of the leadership initiative goes beyond merely bringing students together to develop leadership skills”. “It gives participants the opportunity to explore social, environmental and cultural issues”.  “They do this as they discover skills they never realized they had, demonstrate initiative and  develop critical thinking.”  “Students and teachers set high expectations for themselves and then strive to meet them. Entire schools often become involved in the projects, gaining research skills and eventually getting more involved in their communities.”
The Middle College National Consortium, headquartered in New York City, is a leader in the movement to establish and sustain dual enrollment, high school and college, as a viable and necessary educational model.  Its mission is to develop small schools in which high school students, especially those who have been previously underserved by their former schools, can earn both a high school diploma and either an Associate’s degree or transferable college credits upon graduation.
To learn more about the Middle College National Consortium, visit us at ( for a comprehensive overview of the history, design principles, current work and achievements.
Contact information: Tony HoffmannMiddle College National Consortium    718-361-1981 thoffmann(at)mcnc(dot)us