At Truman College, college classes cost $89 per credit hour.

As middle college students we think this is a great cost because at universities, the per credit hour cost could be double or triple that!

How many courses have you taken? How much $ is that?

On average (2012-2013) a Truman Middle College student earned 5 credit hours which is a savings of $545. The highest amount earned has been 20 credit hours—which is a savings of $1,880! On the Leadership Team, three students are currently taking at least two college courses during this semester.

How many courses do you expect you will take before you graduate?

The three students who are taking college courses expect to have at least two or three college courses under their belt each.

If you were taking those courses at a 4 year institution in your local area how much would comparable courses cost?

At NEIU it is $275 per credit hour. At UIC it is $4,394 per semester! We realize that we are at an advantage being in a middle college and we have the opportunity to take college courses while still in high school. In this economy, it is so great to have the chance to save money where we can.

What other college fees are you exempt from paying: i.e. registration? Lab fees? Computer, library, PE,?

Typical fees at Truman College are about $100, but the middle college students get a waiver for this and only have to pay once. The fees go toward the registration fee and the lab—which you only have to pay once for dual enrollment.

How much are the textbooks for the courses you take? How much do you save?

Textbooks are free because we get waivers. It saves us around $200! This is so great because once again, the more money we could save—the better!