Students at Olive-Harvey Middle College (OHMC) draw a profile of their school’s history in providing early college access.


Olive-Harvey Middle College’s 29-year history has a proven record in preparing students for success in college and a career. On average, OHMC students have taken three college classes prior to graduating, achieving an average GPA of 2.75. Because OHMC resides on the campus of Olive-Harvey College—a city college of Chicago—there are ample opportunities to expand OHMC students’ experiences, horizons, and interactions with college students and professors. OHMC guides students to transfer from a high-school-level maturity and mentality to a college-level maturity and mentality.

The majority of OHMC students perceive OHMC as a second chance at graduating from high school. In addition, the majority of students state that the best quality of OHMC is that students can take college classes. This is a luxury that most high schools do not have; furthermore, it is in this factor—dual-enrollment—where OHMC separates itself from more traditional high schools where dual-enrollment is not an option. OHMC is a second chance, a chance for students to finally march to the beat of their own drum.