Olive-Harvey Middle College Cost Effectiveness

How much do credits cost at Olive-Harvey Middle College?
Credits at OHMC are $89 per credit hour for In-District students. However, at the Middle College, students are exempt from paying any fees; this way, they are earning free college credits that can transfer to any college or university of their choice.
How many courses have you taken and how much money is does it cost?
Students on our team have completed two courses, or six credit hours. At $89 per credit hour it totals $534. This is a very low cost when compared to some other colleges or universities.
How many courses do you expect to take before you graduate?
Most people on the MCNC team at Olive-Harvey have either taken or expect to take at least 3-5 college classes before graduation.
If you were taking those courses at a four year institution in your local area, how much would comparable courses cost?
At Chicago State University (CSU) it would cost $1,710 for the same number of credit hours. The cost effectiveness is exceptional in a place where the economy is rough. A student who attended Olive-Harvey College instead of CSU would save $1,176.
What other college fees are you exempt from paying?
Middle College students are exempt from paying any college fee, including textbook fees, allowing an advantage and opportunity in getting free college credits and letting us focus more on the new experiences.
How much are the textbooks for the courses you take? How much do you save?
Textbooks here can run upwards of $200; we—as Middle College students—are completely exempt from paying any fee, which is, again, an amazing financial benefit as well as opportunity.