“The Mott Middle College prepares high school, at-risk students for a successful work educational future through the full integration of high school, community college and the world of work.” —Mott Middle College’s Mission Statement

As the 12th Middle/Early College in the country and the first in Michigan state, Mott Middle College High School (MMC) is often regarded as an example early college to many of the Middle/Early Colleges around the country. The school opened its doors in 1991 to students all over Genesee County, and the first senior class graduated in 1994. The number of Associate degrees earned by graduating MMC students increased with the introduction of MMC’s Five-Year Program.

The graduating class of 2013 earned an average of 33 college credits.

15% of the graduating class of 2013 received Associate degrees. This is impressive because the majority of these graduates were once considered “at risk.” They were considered “at risk” for multiple reasons, but one of these reasons was that many of these graduating students were first-generation college students.

In addition to taking both high school and college courses, MMC students are required to complete a 60-hour internship of their choice in order to graduate.

Our students take courses at Mott Community College. High school classes are mixed cohorts.

All college programs are open to MMC students, however, it is not recommended that MMC students take cosmetology or nursing courses due to scheduling conflicts.

Many college courses are mixed with traditional college students and our high school students.

MMC offers tutoring for core courses to all of its students. Tutoring through Mott Community College is also available to MMC students. Both types of tutoring are free.

The Mott Community College Library is another resource available to MMC students. We can check books, magazines, news and scholarly articles, and access to the e-library, with just our college ID and/or high school ID.