Students at Mott Middle College High School make sense of dollars saved:

How much do credits cost at your Host College?

College credits at Mott Community College cost $122.50 per credit hour, along with a $122.50 student service fee, per semester, a $7.02 technology fee, and additional class fees ranging from $1.75 to $500.00.

How many courses have you taken? How much $ is that?

The minimal number of college credits we need to graduate is 15, but students, on average, take about 16-20 college credits— that’s about $6,615.

How many courses do you expect you will take before you graduate?

We are required to take 15 credits, though most students shoot for an associate’s degree.

If you were taking those courses at a 4-year institution in your local area, how much would comparable courses cost?

At our local four-year colleges, the costs are a lot higher. A course at the University of Michigan Flint is $372.00 per credit and the price for a course at Kettering University is $771.00 per credit.

What other college fees are you exempt from paying: i.e. registration? Lab fees? Computer, library, PE?

We, as dual-enrollment students, don’t have to pay anything other than the additional fees and supplies if a course requires it. The high school pays for everything else without exemptions.

How much are the textbooks for the courses you take? How much do you save?

This fall semester, the high school spent a total of $33,560.01 on college textbooks. For the winter semester we have an approximated $26,000 that will be spent on books.