“By attending an Early Middle College, rather than attending a traditional high school, we are better prepared for the college lifestyle and a brighter future.” — MMC Students

Students at Mott Middle College High School are currently in talks with Congressman Dan Kildee concerning interests in early/middle college funding and a mutually convenient time for the student team to meet with Mr. Kildee in Washington D.C. on the morning of May 1, 2014.

The local representative that we have identified as our target legislator is U.S. Representative Congressman Dan Kildee. He has been the U.S. Representative of Michigan’s 5th District since 2013 and is currently in his second year of office. He was born in Flint, Michigan, is a member of the Democratic Party, and, upon his first election into office in 1977, was one of the youngest elected officials to join the Flint Board of Education. Congressman Kildee’s Committee Assignment is currently in Financial Services.

We have been informed from one of Congressman Kildee’s representatives that Congressman Kildee will be in Washington D.C during the time of our leadership conference. We are currently waiting for a confirmation of our requested meeting with Congressman Kildee. Although it is unknown what Congressman Kildee’s stances on the Fast Track to College Act H.R 551 and Pell Grant funding are—we do know that Kildee greatly values education and youth empowerment. He is currently sponsoring H.R 4087 Empowering Youth Through Summer Employment Act, H.R 4088 Help Communities Fight Violent Crime Act, and H.R 4086 After School for America’s Children Act.

Below is an email sent to Kildee following students’ request to meet with Kildee in Washington, D.C. on May 1.
Dear Congressman Dan Kildee,
My name is Mikah Walker. I am the student representative of Mott Middle College High School’s Middle College National Consortium Student Leadership Initiative group from Flint, Michigan. This is a follow up email to our requested meeting with you that will inform you more about who we are. Every year middle and early colleges meet together at a leadership conference to discuss a topic chosen for that year. This year we are discussing Social Justice. My team has therefore decided to create awareness and lobby for funding for early and middle colleges in our state and throughout the country.

The location of our Student Leadership Conference this year is Washington D.C. It will take place from Wednesday, April 30-Sunday, May 4. During this time, we are hoping to meet with you to discuss your stance on early/middle college funding and the H.R 551 Fast Track to College Act. We are aware that your father supported middle and early colleges and their funding. Hopefully, you support this as well.

Unfortunately, we have a very small window of time during which we will be able to make it to your office during the conference. We are limited to the morning of May 1st , 2014 between 9am and 12pm. We are aware that you have met with Mott Middle College students in the past, and we are looking forward to the opportunity to meet with you again. Thank you for your time.

Mikah Walker
Mott Middle College
Youth Leadership Representative

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