Henry Ford Early College, Dearborn, MI — School History

1. How long has your school been in existence?
7 years
2. How many graduating classes?
3. How many students earn AA degrees?
4. What’s the average number of college classes taken by students by graduation?
72 credits of classes
5. What’s the average GPA of students in college courses?
2.8 GPA
6. Which classes are offered by the college for your school?
All classes at the college are offered to HFEC students
7. Description of your college partner.
It’s a two-year, public university in Dearborn, MI, offering classes in science, fine arts, culinary arts, and health science
8. Support services offered.
Counseling, tutoring, advising, library, compass prep, and clubs
9. Number of drops/withdrawals per semester
60-70 drops or withdrawals in 800 classes
10. How are classes offered?
10th grade: cohorts (only our students)
11th, 12th, and 13th grade: mixed with college students
11. Story of our school.
1st school directed towards health careers; early college students are allowed to shadow workers at Henry Ford Hospital.