Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy (HTPA) was established in 2002 with a mission to provide its students with a strong academic foundation, as well as the opportunity to become exceptional elementary school teachers.

Though a majority of HTPA graduates do not go on to become elementary school teachers, they all leave our school academically prepared for whatever major they may decide to go into in college. HTPA students are selected through an application and interview process. Upon their acceptance into HTPA, students can decide whether or not they would like to attend our school. Students at HTPA are required to take college classes every semester at our partner college, Los Angeles Harbor College (LAHC). LAHC is a public community college established in 1949. It has 10,083 students; 65% full time students and 37% part time students. Their school mascot is the Seahawks.

Our school’s objective is to provide students with a knowledge base that will prepare us for enrollment at any four-year institution following our high school experience. Our school has existed for 12 years and has had 10 graduating classes, with its first senior class graduating in 2004. Something special about HTPA is that it gives its students the opportunity to earn an Associate’s degree while in high school. An estimated 12% of seniors that graduate from HTPA receive their Associate’s degree from LAHC at a graduation that is separate from their high school graduation.


Average G.P.A. in college courses: 3.00

% of HTPA students enrolled in college courses: 100%

HTPA graduation rate: 100%

% of HTPA seniors that attend college after graduation: 100%

$ of scholarship money + federal/state grant awarded to HTPA graduates: $2.5 million

Average G.P.A. in HTPA courses: 3.42

Average HTPA SAT score: 1552; Average State SAT score: 1505

Average HTPA ACT score: 23.3; Average State ACT score: 22.1

95% of seniors take at least one AP course; 50% take 4 or more AP courses


Beginning in freshmen year, HTPA students take at least one college class a semester. On average, our students complete about 10-12 college classes by the time they graduate, with an average GPA of 3.0. A variety of college courses are offered to HTPA students— some are cohort, and others are mixed. This variety includes: Music Theory 101, Health 101, Spanish 201 & 202, Physics 101, Child Development, Guitar, Piano, Choir, Sociology 1, Psychology 1, Speech 101, Kinesiology 305, Business 101, Political Science 1, Mathematics 227 (Statistics), and Mathematics 265 (Calculus). If HTPA students do not perform at an exemplary level in these courses, LAHC offers math tutoring and writing workshops. Our high school also offers great tutoring and assignment workshops as well. Although HTPA does not have its own library, the college library is always open for our use. Unfortunately, some students drop or withdraw from their college courses. The drop/withdrawal rate is about 7%.

HTPA is known for being a high performing, diverse school. With a population of a little over 400 students and a mix of Whites, African Americans, Asians/Pacific Islanders, Latinos and others coming from all neighboring cities— HTPA is ethnically and racially diverse. At HTPA, we take pride in being Monarchs.