Greer students were asked to develop a portrait of their school’s history in providing Middle/Early College or Dual Credit options to students.

Listed below are the descriptive statistics of Greer Middle College’s history in early college access.

How many years has your school been in existence?

The 2008-2009 school year was the first– 6 Years.

How many individuals are in the current graduating classes? How many individuals are in the previously graduating classes?

How many individuals are in the current graduating classes? How many individuals are in the previously graduating classes?

What is the average number of college classes taken by students by graduation?

An average of 7 college classes taken by each student by graduation.

What are the average GPAs in college courses?

Average GPA in college classes: 3.34

Please provide a list of courses offered by the college for your school.

1. Abnormal Psychology
2. American Government
3. American Literature I
4. American Studies I
5. Analyt. Geo. & Calculus 2
6. Analyt. Geo. & Calculus 3
7. Anatomy & Physiology I
8. Art History
9. Biological Science 1
10. Biological Science 2
11. College Algebra
12. College Chemistry 1
13. College Skills
14. College Trigonometry
15. Computer Graphics 1

16. Cultural Anthropology
17. Elementary Calculus
18. Elementary French I
19. Elementary French II
20. Elementary German
21. Elementary German II
22. Elementary Spanish I
23. Elementary Spanish II
24. English Composition I
25. English Composition II
26. Ethics
27. General Psychology
28. History 201
29. History 202
30. History, Technology, and Society

31. Human Growth & Development
32. Introduction to Computers
33. Introduction to Sociology
34. Introduction to Theatre
35. Introduction to Criminal Justice
36. Introduction to Philosophy
37. Lifetime Fitness and Wellness
38. Macroeconomics
39. Medical Terminology
40. Music Appreciation
41. Probability and Statistics
42. Public Speaking
43. University Physics I
44. Western Civilization from 1689
45. World Literature I
46. World Religions

Briefly describe GMC’s college partner.

Our college partner’s “Vision”: Greenville Technical College’s vision is to be the best community and technical college for students seeking career and educational opportunities. Their “Mission”: Greenville Technical College drives personal and economic growth through learning. For more description, here’s a link:

What services and access for support are offered? (- i.e. tutoring, writing workshops, seminars, labs, library, etc.)

Here’s a link for the info.

How many drops/withdrawals occur per semester within your school’s college courses?

On average, only two drops or withdraws per semester.

How are classes offered (cohorts, mixed, etc.)?

All courses are High School and College mixed. (CPT 140)- Online and in class.