Greer students constructed a profile of their student body by handing out a survey and collecting responses from their fellow peers and classmates.

A total of 94 students were surveyed. See what was asked and answered below.

Why did you choose GMC?

Over half of the students surveyed decided to attend GMC for the educational benefits. The 13%
[other] was comprised of not wishing to attend a different local high school and unsure responses.

What is the greatest aspect of GMC?

The greatest aspect of GMC was largely the college class opportunity. The various other categories were ranked close in percentile.

Who has helped you through your experience at GMC?

Teachers and administration were highlighted upon when students were to select a category in which individuals have helped them at the school. Almost 50% of the students surveyed noted this.

What keeps you at GMC?

Education and friendships define the wish to remain at GMC. The 13% in the other category includes freedom, difficultly of transferring, and zoned high school is poor in educational benefits.

What have you learned throughout your experience at GMC?

Overall, students who attend GMC feel they have learned quality skills that will benefit them in the future. These skills include seeking help when necessary, leadership, motivation, confidence, and taking on outgoing traits.

How did you hear about GMC?

The 13% [other] was comprised of knowledge from a work associate, a board member, or an individual from a various campus. However, friends and parents summed to create a large percentage.