“This exercise clearly exhibited savings. By even taking one or two college courses, you are receiving benefits. For 11 students out of roughly 400 to have already saved $29,160 states this fact. Many of these students have not even reached their Senior year and plan to continue to take credit hours.
Through the dual credit/Middle College opportunity, I am starting to plan my future from a young age. Not only have I had the opportunity to emerge successful within these courses, but I am also preparing myself for the college setting. I am not afraid to ask questions inside or outside the classroom. The chance to receive an Associate Degree for a low price tag (as the school does not pay from Summer courses) is phenomenal!” — Alyx Farkas, 15

After researching the benefits accrued and money saved, Greer students came to this conclusion. See figures below.

How much do credits cost at your Host College?

$216 per credit (in county tuition).

How many courses have you taken? How much $ is that?

A combination of the 11 students in our SLI program have taken 33 courses-resulting in a total of135 credits. This have thus far saved these students $29,160.

How many courses do you expect you will take before you graduate?

“Personally, I hope to complete a total of thirty credits upon graduating. This will be accomplished through summer courses and Maymester sessions alongside the regular Fall and Spring semesters. With the completion of these 30 credits, I can potentially receive a Certificate and Associate Degree in Marketing from Greenville Tech.” –Alyx Farkas, 15

On average, however, most students complete 7 courses prior to graduation.

What other college fees are you exempt from paying: i.e. registration? Lab fees? Computer, library, PE?

GMC students do not pay an application fee to take early college courses. They do have to pay $8 to have their transcript sent to colleges. They do not have to pay for their grades to be sent to the guidance counselors.

How much are the textbooks for the courses you take? How much do you save?

For the two classes I am taking in the Spring and four classes I have completed, my textbooks are sold at the bookstore for roughly $1,400. With my plan to acquire 30 credit hours by graduation I am saving about 5 times that amount. Most textbook prices vary, however, very few are under the $100 mark.

Who pays the textbook fees per year?

The school pays for all college books.

How many college courses total were taken this past semester and the past two years?