Political Opportunities:

Greer students are currently in contact with Trey Gowdy, Republican Representative of South Carolina, 4th District and Tim Scott, Senator of South Carolina.

The rare opportunity to partake in a Middle College setting is sought after by many individuals. However, the entire process defining a Middle College is often overlooked. Dual credit opportunities are highlighted by these high ranking educational systems. Meanwhile, an experience where leadership arises and teachers provide assistance takes place behind the classroom walls.

College opportunity drives the foundation of Greer Middle College Charter High School, in particular. With completion of 658 courses in the 2012-2013 school year, a statement is made through numbers. $420,000 exemplifies opportunity on an even larger scale. The striking combination of savings and opportunity is the perfect mixture for students reaching toward success. This power to take education one step further is an attracting deal that many buy into—except, in this case, it’s practically free. A student partaking in this experience contributes little pay compared to the high college fees many public and even community colleges charge. Transcript reports and summer classes, both optional, are the main charges that comprise such fees. All and all, cost is minimalized through an environment that maximizes opportunity.