This survey was passed out randomly to students across all grade levels at the Middle College High School at Contra Costa College. 137 students were surveyed.

How did you hear about Middle College?

Majority of people heard of Middle College from middle school visits, family, or friends. One student heard of the Middle College program through the METAS, which is both a math engineering and science tutoring program that helps motivate students to attend college.


Middle School Presentation/Teacher: 63

Family/Friend: 51

Counselor: 7

METAS Program: 1

Online: 1

Teacher: 14

Why did you choose to attend MCHS@CCC?

Most people said they chose to attend MCHS because they wanted to avoid other schools. In our school district, other schools are not seen as high preforming, so this response makes a lot of sense. The second most voted reason for attending MCHS is family influences. Many students didn’t have much of a choice in choosing between MCHS and a traditional high school. What was interesting was that students actually wanted to avoid traditional high schools, meaning they voluntarily gave up the traditional high school experience in exchange for a better education.


College courses/ AA degree: 12

Helpful: 2

To avoid other high schools: 29

Academically challenging: 11

Because I was accepted: 3

Good fit: 11

Family: 24

Save time/ Save money: 2

Was expelled elsewhere: 1

What is great about attending MCHS@CCC?

What students see as the greatest benefit at MCHS is that they are able to attain their AA degree and take actual college courses on a college campus. Students also enjoy the freedom and unique experience Middle College has to offer. Interestingly, only one student noticed the money saving aspect that Middle College has to offer.


College & High School at the same time: 12

Different experience: 13

College courses/ AA degree: 64

Save money: 1

More freedom: 13

Treated like adults: 3

Smoking environment: 4


Small school/classes: 2

Campus: 9

Nothing: 5

Good opportunities: 4

Staff: 4

Everything: 1

What is awful about attending MCHS@CCC?

Unsurprisingly, many students feel that the stress and workload is too much to handle at times. All of the responses are expected when you are adding in the fact that we are not attending a traditional high school. (i.e. no lockers, no sports, bad parking, smoking environment.)


Stressful workload: 40

No sports/ activities: 19

Bad teachers: 14

Rude college students: 7

Not enough help: 1

No lockers: 4

School lunch: 7

Nothing is bad: 5


Long days: 5

Not enough support from the school district: 1

Not a traditional high school experience: 21

Everything: 3

Parking: 1

Strangers/ Bad Neighborhood: 1

Who helped/helps you?

Majority of the support that students received came from family, teachers, and friends. Many students also noted that the before and after school tutoring program was beneficial to their success in being successful scholars.


Teachers: 40

Friends/Family: 36

Mentor: 1

Pride: 1

Tutoring: 12


METAS Program: 1

Everyone: 21

No one: 19

Counselor: 6

What keeps you in?

Majority of students here at MCHS still choose to attend because they want to reach their goals such as receiving their AA degree. Many students realize that they have already put in a lot of work at MCHS, so they don’t see the point in leaving.


Motivation: 25

Love the environment: 2

Grades: 11

Family: 13

Smallness of School: 1

Fun School: 1

Avoid other schools: 6

AA Degree/goals: 48


Freedom: 3

Nothing: 3

It’s senior year: 7

Unsure: 3

Sports: 1

Myself: 3

Teachers: 4

Are you the first or only member of your family to go to college?

Majority of students at MCHS come from families where at least one person has attended college. We noticed that at Contra Costa-MCHS many students who attend are related to previous students. Since most MCHS alumni now attend college their siblings come from an environment where college is accessible because it has already been done.


Yes: 47

No: 90