Mission Statement

The mission of Middle College High School (MCHS) is to provide, in collaboration with Contra Costa College (CCC), a nurturing and academically challenging environment for at risk youth to endure high school completion and success in college and beyond. The school is designed to give students with high potential and low academic performance a special opportunity to gain a range of skills that will provide motivation and support for their lifelong personal, academic, and social growth. The entire staff continually works to maintain and enhance the school as a challenging, stimulating, caring, and supportive place with high expectations for students who are college bound.


At Middle College High School, students are enrolled in both high school and college classes beginning in the 9th grade. They have the opportunity to receive their AA or AS degree by the time they graduate. Each semester students can take up to 11 units; about 2 or 3 classes. There are certain classes that are required that are listed in our Ed Plan. The Ed Plan is broken down into four parts; 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. Listed first are the high school classes, then college classes required, and finally college classes that are optional. Students can request college classes that are not on the Ed Plan if they have taken all other required classes, have enough room, and if they have not gone over the 11 unit mark. They receive high school credit for most of the classes they take like math and science courses. By the time they graduate they would have taken enough classes to equal 60 or more credits meaning that most student receive their AA or AS degree.

Relationship to District

Middle College High School at Contra Costa is a public high school in the West Contra Costa Unified School District in San Pablo, California. Out of the ten high schools in our district, we are continually number one in terms of academics, a fact we are proud of. We are able to attend local high school’s extracurricular activities and participate in their sports teams allowing us to still receive a somewhat normal high school experience.


We have a program at our school specifically aimed at improving student’s grades through tutoring. This program involves teachers as well as students. Many different subjects are tutored including: Spanish, Math (all levels), Science (all subjects), English, and History. All these tutoring sessions are ran by different instructors, and take place on different days and times throughout the #week. Students are tutored by their peers in group sessions and one on one. They are able to speak with students who have already taken the course. Also, teacher supervisors are there to offer support and guidance. As a school we are well rounded in helping each other. MCHS students are very good about using the accessible learning tools to their advantage. When a student receives a grade below a C, they are required to attending tutoring until the next grading session in order to receive help in bringing their grade up.

Extracurricular Activities

While we don’t offer any sports, we do have a plethora of activities for students to participate in:

Bio-Club: In charge of a bio-garden, have a yearly trip to Yosemite, and also help the environment through community projects.

Chess Club: A club for chess that students help each other improve in while increasing their own critical thinking skills through friendly matches and tournaments.

Journalism/Yearbook: In charge of the school newspaper and yearbook.

Art Club: A club for students to express themselves while also receiving constructive criticism and helping each other improve their art skills.

Mesa: A program in which students participate in tournaments in academics such as science and math in order to gain recognition for themselves and their school.

Knitting Club: A club for teaching students how to knit. These students use their knitting skills to knit beanies for the St. Baldrick’s foundation.

Interact Club: A club dedicated to the goodwill of the community. Students in this club are heavily involved in community service.

Music Club: A club for students to express their musical talent

Leadership: Student-run government that directs and coordinates school events.

Statistics Comparing Our School to Our School District