The Money


By attending MCHS we save ourselves a ton of money by the end of the four years. It saves our family a great deal of money because they do not need to pay for the courses that transfer over. Also it benefits us because we are able to attend a 4-year university without having to take many of the freshman level courses. It gives us a great advantage over regular high school students. We are able to transition and perform better in 4-year universities because we have had the experience of being in a rigorous college class.


Tuition at Contra Costa College is $46 per credit. The average Middle College student takes 24 classes by the time they graduate. Matriculated students pay $12,144 but because we are MCHS students we are cleared of these fees. It would cost approximately $28,800 to take the same courses at a 4-year university, such as, SF State. At San Jose State it would be $18,288. As MCHS students we are exempt from paying all fees including: PE, computer labs, books, tutoring, and classes. We are required to pay a $1 registration fee.The book costs range depending on the subjects, type, (hardback/paperback), and condition. The most expensive book would be $325 and the cheapest would be $3.The school has a budget of $60,000 for college books and so far MCHS has spent $50,000 on books, none of which comes out of the students’ pockets.