CEC Cost Effectiveness

One of the main reasons why middle college schools are more beneficial to students and their families is lower costs for a higher education. The middle college model saves students at our school thousands of dollars every semester. The normal cost of a typical three-credit class at our host college, the Community College of Denver, costs about $540. By junior year, many students have already taken up to two college classes, which would normally cost us approximately $1000. During junior and senior year, our students can take up to four college classes a semester, which means that we each save up to $2000 a semester. These college class options do not include the technical courses that students may also take at Emily Griffith Technical College. With textbook rentals at our school costing $30 a book, instead of the typical $50-$200, students also save major money in that aspect of tuition.
By taking these classes at the local community college, there are additional savings in comparison to enrolling in similar classes at a four-year institution. All of this money can be put away to save for classes after high school graduation, as well as dorm fees, textbook fees, insurance, and the daily cost of living. The fifth year program that our school offers may also save students even more in the year following graduation.
Considering the fact that most of the students in our school come from low-income families, these savings truly make a difference in the education that our students receive. Higher education that may have previously been impossible due to financial reasons is now attainable. What’s more, attaining all of these credits in high school means that students will spend less time in college after graduation, costing their families even less money. After attaining a degree in a lesser amount of time (usually an Associate’s Degree one year after completing high school), students from our school have a greater chance of entering the workforce and may enter the workforce faster than they would have if they had not had access to these early college opportunities. These effects of early college access therefore quickly return invested money to the economy and bring more money back into the local economy than the amount contributed in the absence of early college opportunities.
For these reasons, the middle college experience at Fred N. Thomas Career Education Center Middle College of Denver is financially the better choice high school of Denver.