Through the research we have done, we have learned that attending CEC Middle College serves as the key to success for many of our students. Of the students we have interviewed at our school, over 90% are the first in their families to attend college. Middle and Early College High Schools provide opportunities for higher education to students of lower income families, which stimulates future financial earnings of that student and his or her family. These first generation students have the opportunity to save more than 2,000 dollars toward getting their college degrees. In fact, the college courses that we enroll in here are free, as long as we pass the course.
As students get a dual education here at CEC Middle College, we are able to apply the skills that we learn to future careers and higher education. For example, during our career class, we have a 15 minute break. Students are expected to return on time and if we don’t, we are penalized, similar to a job. Our school is one of the few schools in Denver to not only provide college classes, but to also provide career classes, which is a huge reason why students continue to return to CEC. The opportunities that CEC provides help us to get a head start on life after high school. Many of us enter high school not knowing what career field we desire to enter. CEC exposes all of our students to different career paths. For instance, close to 90% of our graduates leave high school with a job geared toward their choice of career field. The academic challenge introduced to us at a younger age helps to ensure that we do not only learn now, but become lifelong learners, which is a key to success in today’s and tomorrow’s workforce.