Brashier: Money Saved!

  • The average Brashier Middle College senior last year graduated with 20 college credit hours.
  • 20 credit hours cost $3,235.00 at our host college (Greenville Technical college).  This does not include the $55 enrollment fee or $20 technology fee required for each 3 credit hour course.
  • Clemson University (local public college) charges $546 per credit hour for a resident or $6527 per semester (if taking more 12+ credit hours in a semester).
  • If non-resident at Clemson University, 12+ credit hours cost $15,244/semester.
  • At Wofford, part-time students pay $1,410/credit hour (28,200 for 20).
  • Brashier Middle College spent $31,000 in college textbooks for students this year.


We as a group have learned that Middle Colleges give students the opportunity to receive an early and affordable college education. This can serve as a method to combat student debt as they do not need to spend nearly as much money to attain higher education. This benefits the state economy because students are able to graduate from college sooner and participate in the workforce.  The earlier they start working, the sooner they begin paying payroll taxes.  If they don’t have student debt, they are able to buy houses earlier, again stimulating economic growth.  Despite these benefits, Middle Colleges are not widespread in South Carolina, partially because many state legislators are not aware of them.