“Brashier Middle College Charter High School’s mission is to create a community where students strive for higher levels of learning.”

–Brashier mission statement
Our school’s mission statement delineates the goal of the school, and everything that we do at Brashier is done with this in mind. Students are made to “strive” because we feel that learning is occurs actively, and everyone can reach for something higher. Lastly, students are expected to reach for “higher levels” of learning. At Brashier, “community” is very important; we feel that learning is a process best endeavored with the combined efforts of several stakeholders: students, teachers, parents, administrators, and community members. Achieving this mission would seem insurmountable without a strong, well-established support structure. Parents and students come to “Student-Led Conferences” twice a year to discuss the student’s progress individually with a teacher. Brashier offers an Academic Intervention Program, in which teachers identify and track struggling students and those at risk for failure and develop plans for mediation. A peer tutoring program and writing workshop give students opportunities to receive extra help when they need it.

Brashier’s academic record and reputation are a testament for how effective a school with this mission and layout can result in exceptional student achievement. By graduation, most students have taken at least one college class with our partner school, Greenville Technical College. These are mixed classes, so the high school students from Brashier learn alongside “regular” college students in a “regular” college class. Our students have access to college classes in music, art, English, history, science, foreign language, math, and social sciences. On average, students complete seven college courses by graduation. Additionally, many choose to enroll in the “Thirteenth Year” program. This enables them to continue taking courses through Greenville Technical College for another year before continuing their studies elsewhere.

Surveys of students reveal how students value the opportunities offered at Brashier. They are grateful for the money saved and experience offered by college classes. We believe that Brashier’s mission is best achieved through the middle college model. As a middle college, students take college classes, and this certainly motivates them to “strive.” As a charter school, parents and other community members are more involved. These two components together make the optimal environment for high levels of student learning and growth.