How much do credits cost at your Host College?

The cost of credits all depends on if you live in county, in state, or out of state. Those who live in county pay $100 per credit, in state pays $185 per credit, and out of state pays $280 per credit.

How many courses have you taken? How much money is that?

By end of your freshman year, you take 2 class. As a sophomore, you take 3 classes with 5 in total. Juniors have already taken 4 classes this semester with 9 in total. The way our schedules are worked out, half of us may take a class while the other half takes another (not always college courses). After this semester, the total cost will add up to $786,232.58 (Tuition & Fees + Textbook).

How many courses do you expect you will take before you graduate?

The Academy of Health Sciences is relatively new, so we can’t tell you the total number of courses yet. We still need our first class to finish 12th grade year. However, we can tell you the estimated amount of credits that will be earned. Students that decide to get their degree in Health Sciences are expected to earn a total of 63 credits by, while students who decide to get their degree in S.T.E.M. are expected to earn 67 credits.

If you were taking those courses at a 4 year institution in your local area, how would comparable courses cost?

The college nearest Prince George’s Community College would be University of Maryland University College. UMUC’s tuition and fees is over ten times the amount of PGCC’s tuition and fees. UMUC’s total amounts to $1,166.50, while PGCC’s total amounts to only $195 (a lot cheaper!).

What other college fees are you exempt from paying: i.e. registration? Lab fees? Computer, library, P.E.?

The school pays $1,300 per laptop. The price for lab fees and other things to that sort are either covered by the professor or the school. For the library, you only need your ID to access the resources, and there is an $.99 cost for printing. However, the computer labs are free, and you only need your username or the credentials for the guest account. Printing in the computer labs are free (or ask the school counselor to print).

How much are the textbooks for the courses you take? How much do you save?

Our school is relatively new, so we do not have an answer for 12th grade. However , we do from 9th-11th. For 11th grade, all textbooks currently cost $1053.40. Including the individual cost of textbooks, laptops, and tuition & fees, $5,048.40 is saved for a student in the Fall Semester of 11th grade. For 10th grade, all textbooks currently cost $355.11. $3,050.11 will be saved for a student in the 10 grade. Lastly, for 9th grade, all textbooks currently cost $64. $1,859 will be saved for a student in the 9th grade.