Students in MCNC’s Student Leadership Initiative are examining Diversity in America: 2016. In preparation for their upcoming conference in Brooklyn, New York (April 13-16) students from over 20 schools across the nation will look at how diverse backgrounds, beliefs, cultural norms and identity play out in their schools, their workplace interactions and opportunities, their access to and tastes in culture, and where and how they live. Meet some of our amazing students below, and come back soon to view their personal struggles, their school profiles, the communities that have embraced or made their lives difficult and the projects they are working on to make America’s Diversity the gift it can be.

Laila Abdi, The Charles School

Isaac Lipe, Brashier Middle College

Karissa Garzony, Greer Middle College

Alex Mendoza, The Charles School

Kaitlyn Williamson, Edgecomb Early College