The Middle College National Consortium has a long and successful history of opening dual enrollment schools.  Since 1984 MCNC, and its predecessor organization, have opened approximately 35 dual enrollment schools on, or near, college campuses.

Launching a new high school is a complex task, and that is all the more true for starting a Middle/Early College high school or Dual Enrollment program, a venture that requires alignment with a college partner on issues such as academic vision, curriculum, schedules, resources, staff, and courses offered. Professional development is essential and needs to focus on the boundary spanning roles of high school and college staff who sustain the collaboration.

MCNC offers diverse and substantive professional development, including a Summer Professional Development Institute open to the entire staff, and a Winter Leadership Conference geared towards high school, college and District administration as well as high school faculty leaders.  In the spring, before school opens, new principals have the opportunity to receive one week of professional development and guided exposure to a working school model as part of a residency.  Other services that MCNC offers to new schools, existing schools and non-member schools are literacy and math coaches, and extensive professional development in student support and peer review.  Focusing on student achievement while providing students the necessary support structures are the cornerstones of a successful school.  This is where MCNC’s depth of experience makes a difference.

Contact us to customize your program.  A customized program may include, but is not limited to: