All Early College/Middle College high schools and Dual Enrollment programs have as their primary mission the goal of preparing students for college. To achieve this, schools give students rigorous course work and college classes, often beginning in the ninth grade.

To support students, MCNC has developed advisories which are special classes designed to support students academically and emotionally.  MCNC can provide experienced coaches who work with schools to set up these advisories, tailoring them to the school.  MCNC has math and literacy coaches who work with teachers to create rigorous course work.  Rigorous classes and difficult classes are not alike:  A rigorous class has meaningful work that engages students in learning and education, while a difficult class just has a lot of work.

MCNC holds a Winter Leadership Conference and a Summer Professional Development Institute to help develop learning communities and cultures of reflection and academic excellence.  MCNC’s strategic partner is the National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools and Teaching, Columbia University, Teachers College. NCREST collects data and helps schools analyze their data to improve the effectiveness of their teaching and the rigor of their work.  MCNC also runs an electronic learning community that allows schools to communicate with and learn from each other, as well as participating in more formal professional development.

Contact us to customize your program. A customized college readiness program may include, but is not limited to: