Does it take magic or skill to teach?  Are teachers born or made?


MCNC is committed to helping teachers improve their skills to become magical educators. Professional development, in a community of practice that is both local and national, is the vehicle for this transformation. Through traditional conferences, online supported communities, peer review, and data based decision-making, all staff have the opportunity to grow, learn from each other and help students become college ready.

New School Development

The Middle College National Consortium has a long and successful history of opening dual enrollment schools.  Since 1984 MCNC, and its predecessor organization, have opened approximately 35 dual enrollment schools on, or near, college campuses.

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School Improvement

The Four Pillars for Student Success in College Classes, developed by MCNC practitioners and strategic partners and supported by research, are proven strategies for implementing Dual Enrollment and improving student outcomes.

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Teacher Effectiveness

A primary goal of MCNC is to help teachers make their students good thinkers – by giving them the tools to think and solve problems.  MCNC believes that effective teachers must be reflective, which translates into a willingness to carefully examine their practice and student outcomes.

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College Readiness

All Early College-Middle College high schools have as their primary mission the goal of preparing  students for college. To achieve this, Read More »