What to consider before applying for membership?

1.  MCNC’s Four Design Principles:

Is your school, or prospective school, committed to the principle that all students should take, and succeed in, college classes; and guided by MCNC’s Four Design Principles as outlined below:

  • Deep sustained collaboration with college partner
  • Aligned academic programs from the 9th grade through 60 college credits
  • Student support appropriate to the needs of the students and the demands of the college
  • Professional development focused on the boundary spanning roles of high school and college staff who sustain the collaboration


2.  Membership Requirements

If your school is interested in becoming a member, it must:

  • Agree to implement MCNC’s Four Design Principles.
  • Submit a formal application
  • Submit letters of commitment from the School District, the college liaison,  the high school staff, and the principal.

3.  Ongoing Membership

To sustain membership your principal must:

  • Attend at least one MCNC conference annually
  • Pay annual dues
  • Collect and submit annual school data
  • Continue to implement MCNC Four Design Principles
  • Host one National Student Leadership Initiative Conference at a time mutually agreeable to both MCNC and the school


Become a member- apply for membership today.