Flint Out of the Hole
By: Razette Williams and Sierra Ellison
Mott Middle College
At one time, Flint, Michigan was a great place to be. We had the automotive industry, nice houses, and safe neighborhoods. When most of the automotive plants began to close down in the 1970’s, Flint changed drastically. The nice houses and safe neighborhoods were a thing of the past. People were leaving as quickly as Flint itself was declining. There was very little, if any, interest in saving our habitat and preserving our humanity.
For our project, we focused on three main sites in Flint. The sites included were the Hoop House, Chevy in the Hole, and The Farmer’s Market. For “saving our habitat”, the Hoop House provides a place to grow produce to sell at reduced prices. The Hoop House helps our habitat because they are located where houses have been abandoned and demolished. Not only that, but crops are grown there and it’s a pleasurable site in the summer (not so much in the winter). Chevy in the Hole helps our habitat and humanity because we eventually plan to turn it into a green space (park). We chose The Farmer’s Market for “preserving our humanity” because it’s a welcoming, heartwarming, friendly place that brings our community together.
Our project will help to improve our situation by raising awareness among our own school and hopefully spreading out further in the community. This helps with habitat and humanity because these places are bringing Flint out of the hole. We believe everyone will benefit and more people may come back to Flint some day. We do not see any way this could harm anyone or have any negative effects.
Our rationale for this project is to raise awareness in our school community and beyond. We feel that people need to be aware of what is taking place in the community and helping to create a safe place to be. We also feel that by further educating ourselves and our peers/community, we become a much stronger community as a whole.
The resources we used included the internet, our school community, and Richard Ramsdell, the manager of The Farmer’s Market. We were able to meet and interview Mr. Ramsdell with the help of our counselor, Ms. Moore at Mott Middle College. The internet provided valuable information regarding the history and current facts about our subjects. For our resources in the school community, we had Cameron Cornell, who is a student, help us video tape. Mr. Osmon, who is a teacher, provided guidance to us. He also provided the video equipment.
We believe we have many allies. Chevy in the Hole is going to become a beautiful park, the Hoop House takes the place of an abandoned lot, and The Farmers Market brings our community together. When it comes to opponents, Chevy in the Hole may become an issue. Some people fear it will cost too much money and others fear that we may not be able to build a park here because of contamination that was left behind by the factory. Others wanted it to become other things, like a race track. An opponent to the Hoop House is that in the winter, it can be a bit of an eye sore. Also, we need people that are going to keep it up in the summer. In our opinion, The Farmer’s Market is an all around good place though.
The legacy that we are creating is that anyone can get involved in their community. We, as a community, need to stay focused and educated on our surroundings. What we need to remember is that we should support Flint in the troubled times and in the good times to come.
Our project can be sustained over time by ensuring that our teachers and students continue to have the drive to save our habitat and preserve our humanity. At one time, Flint was a booming town and it won’t be long before we boom again!!!!!!