The POH Project

Who: Harbor Teacher Prep Academy and company
What: We aim to educate our community and make them more environmentally aware.
When: 24/7
Where: Wilmington, CA and surrounding communities
How: Through local park, lake, and beach clean-ups
We have observed that the people of Wilmington, California have had to endure terrible conditions. Our local park is trashed, and the lake within it is in a similar condition. Not to mention that there’s a refinery smack dab in the middle of the city. It seems as if the local government has neglected to take care of our recreational parks, or if they have, they have not enforced their laws and statutes. In order to make our vision come to life, we had to acquire permission from the Los Angeles Unified School District, which we successfully did.
At the completion of the POH Project, Wilmington will see cleaner parks and lakes. In addition, the people will also be more aware of how they are harming the environment, and they will consequently take action and become better citizens of the world. We also decided that it would be smart to start with the youth, so we traveled to local elementary and middle schools and gave a brief lecture about the current state of the environment and what we can do to prevent further damage. After we informed the children, we encouraged them to put this newly learned information into action by participating in local clean-ups that we are hosting. Everyone will benefit from these changes, except trashy, apathetic people whose ways will have to change.
We feel that now is the time to act. If we wait any longer, the deleterious effects of pollution combined with the bad habits of Wilmingtonians cannot be reversed. The forces of good have compelled us to create change in our community, to instill an environmental conscience within the people. However, we know that a coalition of apathetic, indifferent, and lazy people will attempt to fight our cause. We are confident that we will be able to carry out the POH Project, despite all these antagonistic forces.
People are the most valuable resource for our project. With their unlimited knowledge and advanced technical skills, several individuals came together to form a team determined to do a good deed. We have also enlisted the aid of local non-profit organizations, and they gladly provided us with the material resources necessary to get the task done.
The entire Harbor Prep community and local non-profit organizations were our allies for this project while apathetic, lazy, indifferent, trashy people acted as our opponents. Despite the voices of opposition screaming in our ears, we turned our cheeks and continued to push forward. We did not feel the need to verbally address the counterarguments of the other side; instead, we saw it fit to let our actions speak for ourselves. As a result, we were actually successful in changing the minds of some skeptic students, and eventually, they became just as excited as we are to save our habitat and preserve our humanity.
As graduating seniors, we hope that we leave the beloved tennis courts of HTPA having instilled an environmental conscience in the underclassmen. We are confident that we will leave this school without losing a step in the environmental activism process.