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Dallas’ Living Room


Who: City of Dallas

What: Woodall Rodgers Park

When: began October 2009, will be completed in 2012

Where: 5.2 acre park over the Woodall Rodgers Freeway

Why: The Park will serve as a central gathering space for Dallas and its visitors to enjoy in the heart of the city.

I. Dallas’ Living Room


II. Our video documentary highlights one of Dallas’ major projects in their plan to redevelop the community. The creation of a major park in the city of Dallas has the potential of economic prosperity, positive environmental impact, and bringing the community together. The Woodall Rodgers Freeway created a rare opportunity for a 5.2 acre park to be built over it. Construction on the park began in October of 2009 and is expected to be completed during late 2012.

III. Concrete has become one of the most demanded resources in America. Building offices, houses, malls, parking lots, and countless other 21st


century amenities significantly impact our lives not only by providing service to us but also by deteriorating our environment. Our concrete addiction has contributed to the demise of the beautiful, unique, and resourceful country that the United States used to be. When living spaces become crowded, we resort to moving out of the city—leaving it vacant and depleting natural resources—and restarting our habitat destructing cycle. In recent years, preserving the world has become a controversial topic among corporations, politicians and communities. People are becoming more aware of the devastating effects that the 21st century lifestyle has on our planet. A lack of “green space” in cities not only contributes to negative environmental outcomes but also deprives the city of a relaxing meeting place to escape their hectic city lives.


IV. A park has the possibility of improving multiple problems a congested city faces. Broadly, a park can improve the whole quality of life. An urban park can strengthen a community, it is a place of common ground where citizens can come together and bond. In any city it is difficult to spot anything natural, let alone green in the sea of grey manmade materials. A park can offer a rare occurrence to a city by creating a natural oasis. A park can offer psychological benefits such as: reducing stress and promoting relaxation. A park acts as a vacation destination that is free and within walking distance of your own. This is especially helpful to the busy, always on-the-go habitants of a major city. A park also lends physical benefits to its attendants. Bike trails, walking paths, and open fields to throw a Frisbee or organize a neighborhood soccer game all provide people with a free source of workout compared to the typical gyms seen in cities. Aside from benefits specifically to the people attending the park, a park also is a catalyst for mass economic growth and an increase in property value, which equates to a better quality of life. The obvious benefit of a park is the ecological impact that it yields.

V. It was difficult to find what to specifically focus on when creating our project. Our principle was a catalyst to our final decision by offering us the opportunity to participate in the 21st Century Conference at Dallas City Hall. At the conference we learned of the plans to revive and restore the culture and community in Dallas. As soon as we heard ___ speak on the future plans for Dallas parks, we knew exactly what our project should entail. Hearing the benefits of a park to a community and the close proximity of the first major park project to our school we decided to surround our video on the Woodall Rodgers Park. The park offered an original and rare project that was going to not only effect the city of Dallas, but also us personally. The main force against our project was where to begin and what to include. With a major city project that is so complex and has so many components, it was difficult to narrow down what we should include in our short documentary.


VI. Since we are not personally responsible for the plans and construction for the park, we utilized several key people and companies as resources. We took the initiative to set up meetings with Dallas’ CEOs, directors, and other key people, in order to gather information and resources for our project.

VII. Fortunately, we came across no one who acted as an opponent to our project. Our allies were: our principal and everyone we interviewed and are associated with the Woodall Rodgers Park. Upon hearing of our interest of the park, every one was more than willing to help us with whatever we needed to accomplish our task.

VIII. Our project will create a legacy of the importance by emphasizing the need to design amenities for a community that will offer multiple benefits to the environment, citizens, businesses, visitors, and the community as a whole.

IX. Our project can be sustained over time by pointing out what positive impacts projects as simple as a park can have on a community. Hopefully, it will inspire the continuation of the development of many more city projects in the future.


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