LOL: Live Off Line

I. LOL: Live Off Line
II. The entire school will be involved in a day without social networking. In place of online interaction, we will be co-hosting a game night at our school on Friday, March 18th 2011, and possible a student- teacher basketball game later on in the month. We will plan activities as such to bring the school community together and demonstrate how one’s social life can thrive other than from behind a screen. Face to Face connections are irreplaceable and we want students to realize this. We are going to create a ten step process on detaching yourself from technological addictions.
III. The current situation is that students are obsessed with online fads such as face book and twitter and utilize these sites as dominants modes of social interaction with their peers. Rather than spending hours at a time behind a computer screen, we want to encourage finding new, safe, recreational, creative activities to do with friends in order to socialize and bond. We feel that although the internet and these networking are created to increase communication and improve relations between people, it is being too much and is actually doing the opposite. These sites hinder genuine social relationships between people and it is time to implement methods of change.
IV. This project improves the situation our community is currently in because it begins the process of change and improvement in habit and behavior. We are seeking to change our social environment and by guiding our students towards a different approach on socializing we can start a permanent change. The students benefit because they learn how to socialize differently and to do more things with their time. The social networks could possible be negatively affected by it, seeing that there would be less people on the site.
V. At a time when technology is dominating our culture, it is important to emphasize the importance and beauty in natural human interaction. A simple conversation face to face means so much more than a conversation through the web that is probably in sync with and is occurring at the same time as five other conversations. The reasons to do this project are to reinforce and remind students that there are other options and methods of interaction, recreation and socializing. This pattern of constant use of the internet as the only means of socializing is a dangerous and harmful habit, that should be fixed as soon as possible. The forces against this project are the extremely convenient and simple ways of signing on to the web. We can encourage students to try surviving without logging online but cannot force them to.
VI. The resources for the project are available at the school and with the help of the parent coordinator, teachers, and fellow students the word can get out quickly to students and families.

VII. We may have many detractors and opponents. For one, students will not easily be separated from their beloved social networking. In addition, students may need to use social networking for classes or extra curricular activities. Our project, however, is not about getting rid of social networking altogether, but just for one day. We simply want students to realize how valuable personal interaction is in preserving our humanity and to not be so dependent on it.

VIII. Hopefully, students will grow from the day and not be so addicted to technology. This is an idea that can be spread throughout friends and younger students.

IX. The idea of getting families together for a texting and tweeting- free evening should happen every year! By implementing strategies of detaching ourselves from technology ever so often, these habits can eventually be long term.