The seventeenth annual Middle College National Consortium’s Summer Professional Development Institute was  held at the beautiful  Hyatt Regency in Jersey City, New Jersey.  During this conference we had the opportunity to upgrade your skills, stay abreast of the latest developments in the field of education, and network with similarly minded educators.  Additionally, we had time to reflect upon the previous year, exchange ideas with colleagues from your school and plan for the upcoming year.  As in previous years  there was provocative speakers Eric Nadelstern, informative workshops, and plenty of time to meet  with your team.

Keynote SpeakerEric Nadelstern

Workshops Offered

Workshop descriptions are available in the Summer Professional Development Institute-Full Agenda

All take home documents included:

  • Orientation for New Attendees Aspiring Leaders Mtg.
  • Plenary Session-Key Cognitive Skills – Deepening Our Understanding of the Key Cognitive Skills
  • Rounds as Classroom-Based Professional Development
  • Portfolios and Portfolio Culture
  • A History of Collaboration-Peaks & Pits
  • Developing a 9-12 College Access Program Using Distributed Counseling
  • ePD at Charles School- Tying Literacy to Key cognitive Skills (KCS )
  • Schools and teachers matter: A closer look at graduating students’ attitudes about high school and college
  • An Abundance of Science Metaphors
  • EPIC: Reflections & Resolutions
  • Identifying and Developing Effective Leadership Practices
  • An Introduction to the EPIC C-PAS English pilot.
  • Plenary Session-Early College Initiative-Taking It To Scale
  • Step by Step Guide towards building a Dual Enrollment Student Leadership Program:
  • Planning for 2011-12 Student Leadership Initiative. Session I
  • Step by Step Guide towards building a Dual Enrollment Student Leadership Program:
  • Planning for 2011-12 Student Leadership Initiative. Session II
  • Key Cognitive Skills (KCS) In the Classroom: Using Instructional Rounds to Explore Our Best Practices Teaching Key Cognitive Strategies For College Readiness
  • Freshman Seminar:Developing Critical Thinking Skills and Dispositions In Your 9th Graders
  • Networking for Data Liaisons (and others interested in data collection and use)
  • Biology and DNA; Not Just Frogs Anymore
  • 21st Century Technology for Content Area Subject  Assessment
  • Becoming One with College Readiness: Minding the Gap, Mapping the Voyage
  • Transitioning from Middle School to College…And Everything in Between
  • Minority Males-Challenges, Opportunities and Responses
  • Keynote:  Tracing the origins of the school reform movement back to its origins and taking it to scale
  • Common Core State Standard in Mathematics and Potential Assessment Requirements: How Do We Prepare for Change?
  • Rethinking Literacy in Social Studies: Using the Common Core State Standards to renew teacher practice and build student success.
  • CRITICAL EXPERIENCES: Academic Reading and Writing and the Literature Classroom
  • Finding the Common Ground in the Language We Use to Talk About High School College Collaboration
  • Data Driven Decision Making: A refresher on making good, data-informed decisions for school and classroom improvement
  • The Common Core State Standards and the importance of Text Complexity
  • Supporting Students: It Takes a Village
  • Critical Thinking in the English Classroom
  • Making the Key Cognitive Skills A Part of the Entire School
  • Co-Teaching In The Classroom-A Team Approach
  • An introduction to Survey Monkey: An exciting tool for students, teachers, and school leaders
  • The Common Core State Standards and Analyzing Student Work: What Are The New Definitions For Grade Level Assessments and Student Work?
  • DNA  A Common Thread to Interdisciplinary Topics
  • What is Worth Saving About the Internship?
  • Math Education-A Relay Race
  • The Intentional Dialogue: A Protocol for Conflict Resolution