Outcome Driven Teaching and LearningDesign Principles: Teaching & Learning

Middle and Early College High Schools engage students in a rigorous college preparatory curriculum which promotes active intellectual inquiry. High standards are set for all students and teachers. As students move towards College Readiness, developing literacy, numeracy, and 21st Century skills is a priority.

  • High expectations and standards for all students are established and publicized in an educational plan developed by high school and college faculty.
  • Curricula, projects and assessments emphasize student-centered intellectual inquiry.
  • Students use technology and a variety of media to gather information and are expected to present their learning and make their work public.
  • Classes are small and heterogeneously grouped and class time is adapted for in-depth exploration of topics and sustained learning.
  • Scaffolded Instruction and assignments provide structure, feedback and support in progressive stages so that all students achieve at higher levels and are helped to meet college expectations.
  • Mixed-ability student groupings and classes enable the academically “stronger” to help the less prepared.
  • The school meets the needs of challenging learners.