MCNC Student Conference 2020 – 100 Years Out: Adapt! Survive! Thrive!

100 Years Out: Adapt! Survive! Thrive
Mott MCHS will host the 2020 MCNC Student Conference.
Participants will spend 4 days on the U of Michigan Campus where they will share local Campaigns they have conducted that address a local environmental issue for which they have designed a strategy for educating others, teaming with local partners, or a creative solution. They will conduct a Gallery of Campaigns, engage in original PSA Film Festival, visit with local organizers and participate in Survival Games with experts. University staff, scientists, designers and environmental activists will participate on a Panel and assist in the final event.
Fees: $675 per student $975 per adult
Lodging will be in private room suites with kitchen and living room facilities and free wifi.
Breakfast, Lunch and 3 dinners are included.
Transportation, entrance to all conference activities, and souvenir gifts included.

For more information Contact: Terry Born  or Matthew Osmon:

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