Bringing the Best of Early College to Scale – Jam Report

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Click Here to Read the Entire Report


Taking the Best of Early College to Scale  

November 2, 2011

Sponsored by:  Middle College National Consortium (MCNC)



–       Gateway to College

–       Jobs for the Future

–       Woodrow Wilson National     Fellowship Foundation

–       The Texas High School Project

–       North Carolina New Schools Project

–       University System of Georgia


The Jam conversation was structured to surface the participants’ views of what constitutes the best of Early College in both programmatic and policy terms, to link this to relevant proof points and to consider how scaling arguments would be mounted and programs actually realized at scale.



–       There is no single Early College model but key attributes are shared.

–       The variation among Early College programs reflects adaptability and may explain success.

–       Sussessful Early Colleges require robust sustained collaborations between high schools and post-secondary institutions.

–       Early College advocates recognize that they must amplify the data that demonstrates the impact of their work.

–       Beyond data, Early College advocates see that they must effectively articulate the exceptional benefits to be gained from Early College if they are to garner the social, policy, and financial resources necessary to sustain and scale these programs.

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