Fulfilling Promises: Spring 2011

The Middle / Early College Experience Documented

Fulfilling Promises
Vol. 17 | No. 2  | Spring 2011


Consortium Matters
Dr. Cecilia Cunningham
Early Colleges have demonstrated gains for their target population in college preparedness.  Two Early College intermediaries, Middle College National Consortium (MCNC) and Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation (WW) suggest that dual enrollment can be used to provide more students with college readiness.  MCNC and WW practitioners have developed dual enrollment strategies and practices that can be used in districts for students traditionally not found in higher education.





Be Yourself…And Leave Completely Changed!

EECHS at East Carolina University Egg Drop competitionEdgecombe Early College High School (EECHS) is more a state of mind than a place on a map.  It is a high school that replaces bricks, glass, and mortar with character, and support.  It is a school where students become part of an educational family that provides the support students need to set their live in the right direction.  Students develop the courage to accept the responsibilities of challenging academic work.  EECHS students.

Academic Proficiency Prior to High School: ECHS Graduating StudentsNCREST ELA and Math test

During the 2007-2008 school year, there were 5,610 high school students enrolled in 17 MCNC Early College schools nationwide.  Among the 12th graders or graduating students, close to 80% of this student cohort had enrolled in college courses…Over the past several years, NCREST has analyzed transcript data to describe students’ participation and performance in college courses..Grade 8 state assessment test data were recently collected and analyzed.



18th Annual Summer Professional Development Institute 2011
July 7 – 10, 2011
Hyatt Regency Jersey City
New Jersey, NJ

Bridging the Gap Between High School and College Through Design

Designing a high school on a college campus offers a unique challenge.  The process of working with two clients versus one adds a layer of complexity, and often the synergy between two very  different organizations that share a common goal can lead to innovative design solutions.

Brashier Soars From Its Basement RootsBrashier New Building

Brashier Middle College spent three years in temporary dwellings but landed in a custom designed building that made the transition worth it.



Restoring Our Habitat: Renewing Our Community

Contra Costa Middle College High School help raise Earth Day awarenessThe Student Leadership Group and the Contra Costa MCHS student body are committed to continuing efforts to renew our community.

The Principal’s Residency – Part Two

Eric Markinson, Principal, El Centro MCHSIn the Fall 2010 issue of Fulfilling Promises we explored The Principal’s Residency and how it encouraged growth for the entire MCNC community, particularly Principals.  This residency provided the structure for Principals to observe and experience the successes and challenges of several established Middle Colleges.

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Cardboard Kayak Project Teaches Real World Skills

Cardboard Kayak project

Edgecombe Early College High School students are making boats out of cardboard and learning about business models and investments in the process.

Read the published article from Edgecombe Community College News

Middle College National Consortium
27-28 Thomson Avenue, Suite 331, Long Island City, NY 11101

Students Show Their “Stuff” at 19th Annual Student Leadership Initiative Conference

150 Middle College National Consortium affiliated students came together at MCNC’s 19th annual Student leadership Initiative Conference to “show off” the projects that they’d been working on for the past year. This year’s conference focused on the relationship between Habitat and Humanity.

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 19, 2011

From April 27-May 1, 2011, 150 affiliated students and their Advisors participated in the 19th MCNC Student Leadership Initiative Conference in Tarboro, NC. The host school, Edgecombe Early College HS, worked for one year to prepare itineraries, accommodations and facilities. Each year, host schools from the Middle College National Consortium set a theme and engage youth from participating schools who come with presentations about their local projects and initiatives that support that theme. It’s a blend of good learning, good spirits and good fun.


This year students studied the relationship between Habitat and Humanity. Projects ranged from Henry Ford Early College students’(Dearborn, MI) study of native frog species in the Rouge River, to Hollis F. Price’s (Memphis, TN) Green Architectural Firm, to Brooklyn College Academy’s (Brooklyn, NY) day without technology that tested youth’s ability to live without electronics, phones, or Facebook for ONE WHOLE DAY. Students interpreted habitat to mean local community gardens planted in the center of urban, industrial waste (LaGuardia MCHS, International HS, RF Wagner JR HS) to improving the social ambiance of a whole school community (Brashier MCHS, Greenville, SC). Greenville Technical Charter HS students revitalized an aging, run-down community center to make it a vital center for local youth as well as a physical education space for their own students and California schools (MCHS at LA Southwest CC, Harbor Teachers Preparation Academy and Contra Costa ECHS) participated in teaching presentations on their campuses and local schools as well as beach, lake and park clean ups.

The host school, Edgecombe Early College HS, went in an entirely unique direction. They spent the year working with volunteers from the Department of Transportation building cardboard kayaks. These 4 watercrafts were built from plans, decorated, waterproofed and seated two people. The climax of the conference on Saturday afternoon was a Pig Pickin lunch followed by a kayak race at Indian Pond Park.

Each year MCNC raises the bar, the expectations and the quality of youth engagement through these Student Leadership Initiative Conferences. Next year, the conference will be held in Los Angeles and focus on the Environment and the Arts!
Middle College National Consortium, headquartered in New York City, is a leader in the movement to establish and sustain high school/college dual enrollment as a viable and necessary educational model. Middle College National Consortium’s mission is to develop small schools in which high school students, especially those who have been previously underserved by their former schools, can earn both a high school diploma and either an Associate’s Degree or transferable college credits upon graduation.

To learn more about the Middle College National Consortium, visit us at (https://mcnc.us/) for a comprehensive overview of our history, design principles, current work and achievements.

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