Middle College National Consortium Launches Comprehensive New Website

The totally redesigned and updated MCNC website, https://mcnc.us, has been receiving rave reviews . Information as diverse as New School Development, School Improvement, Teacher Effectiveness, Resources and Professional Development is now readily available.

New York, New York (Vocus/PRWEB) April 19, 2011

After more than six months of work the Middle College National Consortium (MCNC) launched its reconstructed website last week. It received accolades from educators from across the country. Sue Doyle, principal of Middle College High School at Erie Community College, commented on the range of information available on the website. “On this one website I can find demographic information on other Early Colleges, professional development opportunities and programs for my school, and a great resource section. It’s exciting.”

“When I looked at the Outcomes section of the website I was happy to see how well below average students, as defined by eighth grade test data, were doing. The data confirms the successes our students are having in their college classes” said Mattie Adams, principal of Harbor teacher Preparation Academy at Los Angeles Harbor College. Nationally, Early College HS students, in 2009, on the average, had a 2.78 college GPA and had accumulated 42 college credits. Both our proficient and not proficient students, as defined by eighth grade test data, did almost as well with a GPA difference of only .43 and a credit accumulation gap of only 12 credits.

MCNC schools continue to learn, improve and teach other schools. Their statistics on graduation rates, attendance and standardized test scores often exceed the norms in their district and/or state. Additionally, they have the opportunity to participate in Consortium pilot programs such as the EPIC Math Assessment, the Student Leadership Initiative, Enhanced Dual Enrollment and ePD. “So many people have asked me what does it mean to be an MCNC School and what are these pilot programs you are involved in. I can now point them towards MCNC’s restructured website where they can get a full explanation” said Fred Crawford, principal of Greenville Technical Charter HS at Greenville Technical College.

Middle College National Consortium, headquartered in New York City, is a leader in the movement to establish and sustain high school/college dual enrollment as a viable and necessary educational model. Middle College National Consortium’s mission is to develop small schools in which high school students, especially those who have been previously underserved by their former schools, can earn both a high school diploma and either an Associate’s Degree or transferable college credits upon graduation.

To learn more about the Middle College National Consortium, visit us at (https://mcnc.us/) for a comprehensive overview of our history, design principles, current work and achievements.

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