The Principal Residency is a multi-day, multi-school immersion into the culture of Middle College-Early College high schools.  It is an opportunity for a new or veteran principal or an aspiring school leader to experience the day-to-day operation of MCNC schools, and to learn on site from others. The visitors take back to their schools images of where they would like to lead their schools and also a road map of how to get there.

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Each Residency is structured around our design principles. Visitors will see how these principles are applied in a variety of settings.  All visits include observations of classes, advisories and early college seminars; meetings with high school and college administrators, teachers, student support personnel and students; participation in professional development sessions and learning community meetings; and, when available, student graduation panels and teacher peer support presentations.

Typical Residency includes:

  • Orientation meetings with administrators and teacher leaders
  • An inquiry-based lesson with differentiated instruction
  • A student advisory in which peers support each other
  • A teacher-led workshop on literacy practices across disciplines
  • An early college seminar featuring study groups
  •  A graduation portfolio presentation, in which a student presents and discusses her best work to a panel of teachers
  • A meeting between high school and college personnel
  • Individual and group reflection time

Although, the overarching theme of each Residency is the examination of the Design Principles, its application is school-based, practical and tied directly to the needs of the individual principals.  All sessions are led and debriefed by school-based practitioners.

Residencies typically last for three days, at a different school each day.  At each school, the current or a former principal serves as a guide to answer questions, clarify issues, address  concerns and help debrief after each activity. Most important, time is provided for reflection and discussion, which helps principals plan to move their schools forward.

MCNC has conducted Residencies for the past six years with principals and school leaders from more than 20 Middle College-Early Colleges High Schools.

One participant wrote: “The Residency was a journey that enlightened my perspective of school administration and leadership. I will take back to my school and apply what I have experienced to provide the leadership that will create an environment and a culture of learning and support.”

Residencies consist of no more than six participants.

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