Peer review is a comprehensive teacher professional development process used by schools in the Middle College National Consortium (MCNC). It is also called the Collegial Learning and Support System (CLASS). CLASS is a model in which leadership and teachers take joint responsibility for professional development and school governance is shared among all members of the staff. Teachers work together to improve their own practice and that of their peers. At the end of the year, teachers are evaluated by a committee of their peers on many dimensions. Under this method, teachers have an active role in improving their own practice and that of other teachers — and contribute to the excellence of the school as a whole. This collaborative process can work alongside more traditional supervision and provide a culture of continuous pedagogical growth that is non- judgmental and addresses the specific needs of MCNC/ECHS/Dual Enrollment schools and programs.

The MCNC peer review model reflects its commitment to the Design Principles inherent in continuous organizational improvement. The three year peer review program is designed specifically to publicly share and discuss teachers’ best practices and to validate an instructor’s contributions to early college/dual enrollment, both inside and outside of the classroom.  The MCNC Coach provides models, works with Personnel Teams and administration to develop a school specific system of peer support designed to improve pedagogy and leadership capacity at your school.  The program is structured around a series of reflective writings, a formal peer review and the professional development inherent within them. Overseeing the process at the early college level is a personnel committee which, when institutionalized, becomes part of school governance.

  • Staff will write yearly goals, self-reflections and develop a school wide culture of mutual accountability towards improving outcomes in the classroom.
  • A Personnel Committee will be developed and will hold yearly reviews to improve pedagogical practice.

MCNC Peer Review is designed to reflect each school’s culture and no two programs are exactly alike.

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