MCNC provides a variety of on-site and on-line support options, all of them structured and school-wide. Students who use our model have better college grades and earn more credits. All MCNC literacy support is aligned with The Common Core Learning Standards.

The hallmarks of our model:

  • Deep reading of difficult texts
  • Developing persuasive and critical writing skills
  • Building reliable research skills
  • Organizing of materials and resources
  • Enhancing effective communication

The MCNC coach, and faculty work together to develop a plan based on knowledge of the student that moves seamlessly from entry into the institution to graduation. The plan takes into account college course requirements, district mandates, national standards and student skills.

Schools such as Brashier Middle College High School in Greenville, S.C., and The Charles School at Ohio Dominican University have benefited from MCNC’s unique blended online/face to face instruction model that nurtures buy-in by teachers, embeds data collection and analysis into the system, and also documents developing expertise for the future. MCNC uses a literacy consultant and an expert in on-line communities, working with school practitioners, to have important conversations, support new strategies and provide resource materials to deliver a literacy plan for grades 9-12.

MCNC consultants meet with administrators to assess needs and meet a school’s schedule. School visits occur at the beginning and end of each year, more frequently if needed. Scheduled check-ins throughout the year assess progress. The on-line community is adapted to meet changing needs and faculty demand.

The MCNC-developed literacy framework makes materials and expertise in these content areas a focus of conferences and contextualizes them for the MC-EC environment.  Individualized support for school-wide investigation and development of Literacy and Numeracy plans is available on request. This includes both face to face Professional Development, teleconferencing and synchronous/asynchronous professional development through online communities of practice.

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