The Winter Leadership Conference, for principals, aspiring school leaders, school district and college liaison personnel, brings together education leaders to build community and networks of mutual support. This event provides opportunities for MCNC members and non-members to share best practices, establish peer networks with like minded educators from across the nation, develop leadership skills, analyze data and develop school improvement plans.

Topics are focused on school leaders needs, such as:

  • use of data to improve collaboration, instruction and student outcomes
  • fiscal sustainability
  • relationships with colleges
  • staffing
  • high school/college curriculum alignment

The theme of the 2019 Winter Leadership Conference is Instructional Leadership.

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Titles and themes of previous conferences include:

• Leading in the Era of the Common Core

• Using Common Core Standards to Improve College Readiness

• Improving College Readiness by Focusing on Instruction

• What is the Difference between a Culture of Answers and a Culture of Questions?

• Leadership in the Digital Age

• Leadership and Instruction

• Distributive Leadership

• Collaborative Leadership: The Key to Success For Middle/Early Colleges and Dual Enrollment Programs


Participant Comments:

“The use of Core Curricula is the focus of the New Haven district’s teaching strategies. I will take back a lot of what was discussed to the college for both developmental education and college English profs.”


“It was great to have speakers deliver the message – I must say that MCNC is always leading us into the future.”


“The best one I have been to”


“OMG…Lance is won…der…ful. So practical with usable materials and resources. GreaT and simple tools that all educates should use to keep their audience/students motivated and willing to work. Thanks for providing us with such a wonderful presenter.”


“Elie was amazing….our district climate is extremely intense…some have even called it toxic.Her presence was truly a great gift. I prefer to say I was on a retreat that day. She was that good, that inspiring and that renewing.”


“The Crew from Columbia did a great job again – They are worth every penny that we spend on them. It gives us a global view of not only our own school but the entire network.”