The Summer Professional Development Institute brings together member schools’ principals, staff and college partners for three days to focus on pedagogy and curriculum as well as issues specific to high school student access to college classes.  This conference is open to non-member schools and districts interested in adopting the MCNC model.

Titles and themes of previous conferences include:

  • STEM Middle/Early College Partnership
  • All Students College Ready-Building Out the Common Core
  • Building For The Future-College and Career Readiness
  • Building a School-wide Culture of College Readiness

Participant comments:

 “This was a great schedule-best one yet. Weekend training is much easier, and you could even begin on Friday.”

“The conference was outstanding this year. The keynote speaker was excellent. He was not only a practitioner, but understood the fundamental theories of his work. I was moved by his knowledge, expertise, energy and most by his heart-felt passion for his work. Kudos to the selection committee!!!”

“I gained new insight and had many meaningful discussions. The sessions were informative and I enjoyed sharing ideas with educators from all over the country.”

“I took back a lot of good information that I will be able to use and share.”

“The writing and literature sessions were wonderful. Lance is awesome. The math workshop was wonderful too. These workshops gave practical examples and explanations about teaching common core themes.”

“I am an algebra and geometry high school teacher. I received many resources that will help me align to common core and also help with project based learning.”

“I am a high school science teacher, and I believe the workshops helped a great deal. I will attempt to implement several of the things I learned into my pedagogy next semester. I feel more confident in what needs to occur during seminar, in flipping my classroom and how to go about doing that, and in teaching dynamically.”

“The Common Core workshops will help a great deal with reducing the anxiety and increasing our toolkit of actual activities we can use. My work as principal is primarily at the high school level, but I work closely with the college too.”

“The theme will certainly help my application of the Common Core in a high school setting. Having all of the workshops in the same weekend really showed how well the elements of Common Core connect with each other.”

“As a high school administrator, the workshops I attended reinvigorated how I will purposefully interact with students and teachers and refocused my work with improving instructional practice.”