Jemetria Bush and Larshay Watson

Hollis F. Price Middle College @ LeMoyne-Owen College, Memphis, Tennessee.

We all know that the world today is undergoing many changes dealing with the environment. Being in Memphis for the past nine years I’ve seen many things.  The task at hand was to create a project that dealt with the improvement of habits and humanity. My partner, Larshay Watson, and I chose to create an architectural firm that focused on the creation of environmentally friendly community centers. I decided to take on the architectural part of the assignment, while Larshay took on the business side.

In many parts of Memphis such as Whitehaven, Raleigh, and East Memphis, you often see nice buildings, but if you travel to South and North Memphis or even downtown, it’s like another place. In these areas you see a lot of buildings that have a great potential to be schools, homes, or community centers, yet nobody takes the time out to help make this possible. The idea to start an architectural firm for more environmentally friendly places was clever and needed. After a trip downtown, we were convinced that we should begin our very own firm named E.C.O (Environment Community Outreach) Architectural Firm.

This project has taught me to appreciate the way I look at communities. Now when I drive around and see rundown buildings or abandoned warehouses, I envision a new Memphis. Not only would I like to see a new Memphis, but also a new United States, because we all know that the world will go to waste quicker if we do not take heed, like the students in this conference, and help our habitats and use our humanities to create a better world.


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