Hamza Lakhani

Henry Ford Early College, Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

The project we did for the conference in North Carolina brought us closer as a group and closer to our community. Through the experience, we had learned about the habitat of many species of animals in the area- primarily- the frog. Dearborn, Michigan was a great place to complete this project due to the very diverse aspects of culture, business and the Environment.

This project tested our skills in leadership and our ability to collaborate with one another. Although at some points it was a little stressful for us students, we put our heads together and accomplished what was expected of us. With the help of our instructor, Ms. Stevens, were able to bring the project to life.

To start our experience our group had joined “Friends Of The Rouge”, an organization trying to help preserve animal life and bring the polluted Rouge River back to homeostasis. By researching the organization and going to meetings they held we learned about the natural habitat in Dearborn and how frogs were a stressed concern. Frogs in the area keep decreasing due to the poor health of the rouge and its surroundings. It is our job as a whole to try our best to help to bring back the health of the river, which will in turn, bring back the natural habitat of the frogs and other species of animals that are affected.

Through diligent work on this project, word spread through the community. The opportunity was given to share the experience with the mayor and  his representatives. They were surprised and impressed.

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